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HomeStyle Rehab Loan

Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loan

I am sure many of you are asking why I am so driven and passionate about this “HomeStyle” loan program.  Maybe I am crazy?  LOL this is a possibility

For decades many homeowners have not focused on building equity in their home.  In my 30+ years in real estate I believe that creating and building equity in your home is major building block in your family’s financial foundation.  By building equity you can buy up every few (5 – 7) years and after your 2nd or 3rd home sell you will have the home of our dreams without the high monthly payment!

Fannie Mae “HomeStyle” Loan allows up to 50% in remodel / repairs (based on “as completed value”).

Some of the Benefits of a HomeStyle Loan:

  • Ability to explore more home choices for purchase
  • Can immediately add equity to the home
  • Advantageous for the First Time Home Buyer, no need to save up for the home repairs, needs and wants
  • Avoiding high interest rate credit cards for home repairs
  • Borrowers can purchase the appliances they may not own
  • Have the ability to personalize home improvements
  • Get in your desired school district or neighborhood
  • Have more house than you thought you could afford
  • Get the kitchen, bathroom, or office they wanted or needed
  • Remodel a home to fit their needs
  • Monthly mortgage insurance will be based on the estimate value of the home after renovation. And NO upfront funding fee that Government Loan require (FHA, VA & USDA)

The HomeStyle Loan is for both Purchases and Refinances!

To get more details on this loan product click on the link. HomeStyle

Contact me and we will get started on your HomeStyle Loan building equity and your financial future.

An attitude of gratitude creates blessings – Sir John Templeton


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Fannie Mae HomeStyle


What is a Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loan?



I wanted to share a few of the advantages of the Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loan Program

  • Buyers will immediately add equity to their new home
  • All types of renovations (even structural) allowed as long as they are attached and add value to the Buyers new Home
  • Buyers can remodel their new home to fit their needs
  • Buyers can have the kitchen or bathroom they want
  • Buyers will be able to get into the school district or neighborhood they desire
  • Renovation Costs up to 50% of After Repaired Value
  • 95% Loan to Value

I am putting together a HomeStyle “Team” of a General Contractor and HUD Consultant so they are familiar with the paperwork and process. Thus providing a smoother closing for the Buyer.

With the huge surge of interest in the Renovation TV Shows the HomeStyle Loan Program: many buyers in the current market have an interest in older homes but want updates and or opening up the living areas. This loan will provide them that opportunity.

If you would like more details let me know.

Also FYI this is NOT  the Fannie Mae Renovation program which is income based.

An attitude of gratitude creates blessings – Sir John Templeton


Cindy Seely

Western Missouri Branch Manager

& Licensed  Loan Originator

NMLS # 245378

National Asset Mortgage, LLC

NMLS # 836952

1201 N. S. Briarcliff Parkway, Kansas City, Mo 64116

HomeStyle Loan Program