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Veteran Appreciation Event

Veterans Appreciation Night, Friday, March 24th. Memorial Concert for Benjamin “Squirrel” Kelley.  For details on the even click on the attachment / image below.

Come out and show your appreciation and support for our Veterans. Donations will go to Foundation for Exceptional Warriors.

Thank you to Damien Gunn Band for creating this event and bringing awareness.

Please share this post with your friends in K.C. so the turnout is huge!

On a side note: As a mortgage broker (22+ years) if you connect me with a borrower and notify me of this. I will make a donation to Foundation for Exceptional Warriors after closing.

I am part of Boots Across America and Certified Military Home Specialist with VA Loans.

Certified Military Home Specialist

I recently became a “Certified Military Home Specialist”!  In addition I have become part of “Boots Across America”.

Certified Military Home Specialist Certificate

Certified Military Home Specialist have the knowledge to:

  • Understand military lifestyle
  • Recognize ranks and be familiar with military language
  • Understand how to read the Leave and Earning Statement (LES) and be familiar with factors that affect military pay
  • Know the Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS) and its responsibility
  • Identify housing assistance resources for Servicemembers
  • Understand the regulations that protect Servicemembers (SCRA, USERRA)
    Foreclosure Prevention & Housing Assistance Resources
  • Understand Special Situations: What happens to an injured Servicemember’s entitlements

    Boots Across America, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of our servicemen and women and their families.  To develop the skills and ability necessary to serve those who serve us.

Thank you to all those who have served the United States of America!